We’re changing the culture of uptime.


Strategic Low-Cost Capital


Speed to execution is critical in the production world, and Kinected helps bypass the hurdles of traditional corporate CapEx project approval and funding cycles. This is particularly beneficial when capital is unavailable or reserved for core development, and the economic implications for capital intense projects are significant.

Integrated Effective Operations


When you put the right people to work on the right problem, the efficiencies are amazing. Not to mention what it does to lower the total cost of production.

Intellectual Property + Analytics


We consolidate data. Why is that a big deal? Typically, different partners and players collect their own data and monitor just their little slice of the pie. We converge the infrastructure AND the analytics so we’re able to deliver real intelligence, real insight and real results.

Boost Efficiency and Benefit Ecology


The benefits of rethinking everything aren’t just found in increased productivity. We leverage a production waste issue, which in turn has positive results back to the ecosystem – cleaner water, improved air quality, and better environmental stewardship. That’s thinking Kinected!